10 tips to create the perfect E-commerce website

By | December 15, 2016

For an e-commerce business, websites are the only way of contact between the buyer and the seller. E-commerce sellers need to put a lot of thought into creating a website which will significantly increase customer’s trust in the seller and enhance the shopping experience. Here are a few tips on creating the perfect e-commerce website:

1. Create a stunning and attractive website

Just as window dressing is important to attract customers to brick-and-mortar stores, so is website designing necessary to generate visitor traffic. Websites need to be designed in a way that is pleasing and easy on the eye, as online shopping is all about visuals.

All different views and variants of the products should be displayed. Visuals and photographs should be used in conjunction with a carefully designed colour scheme.

2. Provide a Search bar

Many a times, customers may not be able to find what they are looking for, on the landing page of an ad or a search result. It is thus absolutely necessary to have a visible search bar on the website, preferably at the top, where visitors can look for the products that they have on their mind.  Autocomplete search queries will enhance the customer experience.

3. Display an ‘Add to Cart’ button

Supermarkets always have shopping carts for customers to put their goods in before checking. Why then should an online store be without a shopping cart of its own? Having an ‘Add to cart’ button is a strong call-to-action, at same time allowing customers to manage their purchases.



4. Mention the availability of your products clearly

It is absolutely necessary to keep a check on your inventory and update the statuses of your products on the website. If a customer orders a listed product, which, in reality, is out-of-stock, there is a high chance of you risk losing future business from him/her.



 5. Show all the deals related to the searched product

In order to maximise the revenue per customer, show a customer various products related to their search. For example, when a customer is looking for shoes, you can show him/her deals related to shoe laces, socks, shoe brush etc. Providing discount on combinations of different purchases can induce a customer into purchasing the product.


6. Make the billing and checking out process easier

Ensure that the billing procedure is completed in as fewer steps as possible. Display all the delivery charges upfront. Adding the delivery charges at the end may make the customer rethink his/her purchase and may also make them lose trust in the seller.

In case you are selling any goods at a discounted price, clearly mention so, as it will help you in capturing a higher number of sales.


7. Optimise your website for the search engine results

Optimise your website so that search results related to your product will automatically show-up at the top. Generate content on your website keeping in mind the keywords that your prospective customers might use to search your products.

8. Clearly mention your contact details and any testimonials, to generate transparency

It is absolutely necessary for the customer to have faith in your website for him/her to do business on your website. Clearly mention the official address, phone number and e-mail id, in case the customer feels the need to contact you. Display any positive testimonials of past customers in a transparent manner, so that the visitors’ confidence in the website increases.

9. Think of innovative ways to get visitors to share their e-mail ids

Provide an option to the website’s visitor to give you their e-mail ids so that you can update them about any new offers, newsletters and any other information you think is necessary.


10. Share links to your social media sites/pages

Providing links to your social media accounts is the perfect way of ensuring that the visitors stay connected to you even after they leave the website. Once a visitor follows you on Twitter or likes your page on Facebook, you can always keep them updated with any new products and offers that you have.

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