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By | December 23, 2016


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Harish was really hoping to get boost in sale after he started using Facebook ads for product promotion on social media platforms but sadly he couldn’t get any raise in his sale. When he investigated he found that most of the ads which were displayed were of the products which were out of stock. This is one of the major problem businesses face with the Facebook ads.

You can reap the benefits from your Facebook ad campaigns when you invest in your ads judiciously and in a smart manner. Adyogi is one such platform which helps you to handle your social media ads in an automated manner. You can also add parameters based on which your ads will be displayed to ensure the ads are displayed to the right audience to get right returns.

Key Automations

AdYogi has the option of creating product catalogue automatically. When ever an ad campaign is created AdYogi automatically picks pictures, text and product URL from the website and uses them to create the Facebook ads. This ensures that all the ads created are up to date.

The platform can create ads based upon set parameters like most popular products, newly added, most added to cart products and many more. These type of ads are called Smart ads. This option regularly updates the ads based upon the factors like new products, out of stock products, most liked product etc. Also the system studies the performance of various ads displayed and shows the most liked and clicked on ad frequently to more number of customers. You also have the liberty to enable or pause the ads of particular product from the selected campaign.

AdYogi provides you with the option of Dynamic ads under which the prospective customers who visit you website to check out a product are re-targeted on social media platform using dynamic product ads. This function is entirely automatic and the ads are created based upon the specific product searched by the user on your website.

AdYogi gives you complete statistics related to the traffic on the website and Facebook page.  You can track the traffic based upon different parameters like age, gender, city, time etc.  The statistics of the ads available on the platform include views, clicks, click through rate, spend and sale. These statistics are automatically generated. You also have the option of measuring the ROI and sale value of the products.

Getting started

You can start using AdYogi by signing up and creating an account on the platform. Once your are signed in you are required to share the Facebook page access of the brand with the AdYogi team. The team will make a container file which will be shared with you. You will be required to install this container file on your page. This will help to sync the statistics of your Facebook page with your AdYogi account.

In nutshell AdYogi is the complete automated solution for a business to handle all its marketing campaigns on social media networks. It also assists you to take important marketing decisions based upon the nature and flow of traffic.

When all this is done you just have to sit back and relax. The AdYogi platform will handle all your ads.


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