How did Always Riding earn ROI of 450% in less than one month?

By | February 10, 2017

Client: Always RidingAlways_Riding

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Industry: Sports

Always Riding is a leading online provider of cycling apparel and accessories, selling over 2,000 products of the best known brands in the marketplace. Always Riding is not just a well-known brand across the United Kingdom, but also has presence across various locations around the world. With separate websites for various countries such as Japan and Germany, it sells in over 7 different languages.

Handling so many platforms isn’t that easy, right?

AdYogi has helped Always Riding get the maximum returns on Facebook and Instagram Ads.
AdYogi had a two-fold target-

  • To ensure that the large number of users on every platform are tapped well through the Ads
  • To improve sales and get more conversions for Always Riding

Objective: Monitor and Drive Sales for a Multinational Cycling Accessories Brand by directing relevant traffic on the portal.

Magic Tricks Used: 

  • We ensured that those who viewed Ads of products relating to one website were redirected to the same portal.
    Always Riding has many websites, such as / /, functional in different languages. To overcome the challenge of tracking web traffic and revenues on ad spend, we made sure that those who saw Ads of products available on the UK site were not redirected to the website with extension .com. We also made sure to always link the product ad to its relevant page on the website. Using custom landing pages made it easy to monitor the conversions through Ads.
  • We used retargeting, along with cross-selling and up-selling as targeting techniques.
    AdYogi retargeted the audience that did not convert on the website, on Facebook and showed them ads of the same products they had viewed on Always Riding’s website. We also displayed ads of products related to the searched products (cross-selling). At the same time, we tapped customers through ads of higher end versions of the products, visitors had originally searched for (up-selling).
  • We showed ads of Always Riding’s top selling products.
    Using the Smart Ads feature on our AdYogi platform, we displayed Facebook ads of best-selling products of the brand. This helped us showcase their best products to their potential customers.
  • We optimised ad campaigns for increased conversion rates, through the use of carousel ads.
    Carousel ads allow one to show a related range of products as ads. We used these to show the exclusive products of Always Riding.Ad Sample
  • We ensured that their Ads are continually updated to account for any changes in their stock.
    Our Automated Marketing Platform ensured that none of the products being advertised were out-of-stock. Thus, users could easily make their way through the sales funnel.
  • We created a lookalike of Always Riding’s customers and also targeted their fans.
    We showed ads of top-selling products to the lookalike audience of the best performing customers, to increase the conversion rate. Targeting Page Fans and also, Friends of fans enabled this cycling brand to reach out to an untapped audience and helped increase its fan base.
  • We used A/B testing to decide the most appropriate targeting options at the Ad set level.
    Through testing various demographics combinations, we identified the ones that worked best for Always Riding. To figure out the best performing targeting options, we compared cost-per-sale for each campaign. Next, we reallocated the budget as per these better-performing Ad Sets. For example, we were able to target the top cities from where Always Riding got maximum sales, to yield best results.


With a Click-through Rate of over 2.5%, AdYogi was able to drive the sales of Always Driving and meet its objective.
We achieved around 450% Returns on Ad Spend for Always Riding in less than a month.

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