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By | March 1, 2017

Client: What’s so special about you, Adyogi?
Adyogi: I am an intelligent way of Advertising. I provide you a self-serving platform that gives you three types of ads i.e. Dynamic Ads, Smart Ads and Custom Ads (wondering what are they, why not read below) and a Product Catalogue as a gift from my side. 🙂 🙂  If you think that’s only what I offer, then I have news. There is something more, Statistics and Insights

Client: What are Dynamic Ads?
Adyogi: Facebook defines Dynamic Ads as “Facebook dynamic adverts automatically promote products to people who have expressed interest on your website.” Still confused, don’t worry I will tell you a simpler definition, dynamic ads are nothing but ads that are shown to people of the same product or similar product that your he had seen on your website.

Client:  What is so smart about your Smart Ads?
Adyogi:  My Smart ads are smarter than you think. I have an Algorithm that automatically picks up your best selling products and create ads. Not only that, I would automatically change the ads of the product that are now Out of Stock on your website and update new collection on a daily basis.

Client:  What are Custom Ads?
Adyogi:  As the name say, under Custom Ads you can create ads of those products that you want your audience to see. With Custom Ads in just few clicks you can create and run ads. Complete freedom to client on what products they want to show to their audience

Client:  Facebook also gives me an option to create a Product Catalogue, what’s so special about you?
Adyogi:  The most special part about my Product Catalogue is that you don’t have to create one. Once you have done the initial steps with Sign UP, your Product Catalogue will start populating on its own in your login ID. I will pick up product directly from your website. The catalogue refreshes as Product refreshes on your website (Adyogi refreshes the product catalogue on daily basis). As I said I am intelligent. Not just the information about the products I will also tell you about the Traffic and the Cart Ratio your each category of Product has.

Client:  How do I start with you, Adyogi?
Adyogi:  I provide you with an easy interface to SignUp. Once you have Signed Up, you just need to login and do two steps which won’t take more than 10 mins:

  1. Grant Facebook Business page Access.
  2. Install Pixel Code inside website (on all pages)

Client:  Why do you need Facebook Business page Access?
Adyogi:  I am sure you don’t want to run your ads in my name. FaceBook page access helps us to integrate your brand name to my Algorithms. So when your customers see your product ads they see your Company name.

Client:  After installing your pixel do you get an access to my customer’s personal information?
Adyogi:  No, with this piece of code I get to know nothing about your customer. This code only helps me to monitor the traffic on your website for intelligent decision making for Ads. I never get any personal information about your customers, so don’t worry I am completely safe.

Client:  How much do I have to pay to get a kick start?
Adyogi:  With whichever plan you kick start, I take nominal amount for my services, and to know about plans check for the Pricing Plan on Adyogi.

Client:  Okay, now I have started. When can I start expecting results?
Adyogi:  You can see the results within 7days also. But, let’s get real you got to be really lucky with that and I am sure you don’t want to run your business on luck. So the time which I suggest to my customers is to have patience for at least 3 months. Then only you will have real numbers.

Client:  If I agree to stay with you for 3 months. What ROI can you promise me?
Adyogi:  I don’t believe in promises I show results. But yes I can say our clients have got 7x to 10x return. If you don’t believe me read what my clients have to say about me.

Client:  Does Adyogi keep the numbers to itself?
Adyogi:  Nope, I am intelligent and believe in sharing and having 100% transparency. I love giving you all the analytical Insights and Statistics I gather. I am a transparent platform, under Statistics you will know what have you Spend on ads, your CTR, your impressions and your Sale Value through Adyogi.

Client:  What all platforms do you support?
Adyogi:  You name it and I work with it, whether it is  Shopify, WooComerce, Magento, Zepo, KartRocket etc platform website. I work with them all. And I love custom websites too for integration.

Adyogi:  So, When will we start working together? I am Waiting… Still thinking I haven’t answered all your question write in to me at contactus@adyogi.com


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