Everything You Want to Know about Product Catalog

By | March 6, 2017

I have a Magic Trick for creating Product Catalog in just one Click…But before that let’s understand what Product Catalog is? And how can you create it on FaceBook Manually. Not missing the bigger question Why do we need it?

Then goes the magic Trick…

Product Catalog is indeed a Fancy name in the world of E-commerce. Those who are not new in this Big Bubble of E-commerce might know what exactly I am talking about. But for those who start new let’s talk about it

Facebook defines Product Catalog as:

“A product catalog is a file that contains a list of all the products you want to advertise. Each line of the product catalog contains a description of each product, including an ID, name, category, availability, product URL, image URL and other product attributes.”

Okay Okay I get it, its a bit confusing for Anyone.

Let me put is simple…

Product Catalog is nothing but a file that contains all the information about your Product i.e. from the name of the Product to the price of the Product. FaceBook Product Catalog is no different to the one which you have on your website. But the only difference is that here you have to Create it…

Before we understand how to Create One the important question is Why do we need one?

Ideally, it’s a good practice to have a Product Catalog developed on FaceBook, but the fact is that it’s only vital for Dynamic Remarketing. For other types of ads it does not stand that of an importance. If you want to understand what Dynamic Remarketing is? Click here

Now How Do we Create One?

But Before that here are some Must Have without which you wouldn’t be able do so…

  • ID (Max size 100): FaceBook wants you to have a Unique Product ID for each of your product. What you have to remember here is that even the variants of a product should have a Unique ID.
  • Availability: Whether it’s in Stock or Not you should have accepted values defined, facebook define it as:

In Stock—items will ship immediately
Out of Stock—No plan to RESTOCK
PreOrder—will be available in future
Available for Order—Ships in 1-2 weeks.

  • Description: A short paragraph describing the item.
  • Image_link: Link to an image of the item. This is the image used in the feed. Maintain an aspect ratio 1.91:1. Images will be displayed at 1200 x 630px.
  • Link: Link of your site where you can  buy the items
  • Title: Title all your Items

So here is How you create a Product Catalog:

Step1: On business.facebook.com, hover over Business Settings on the left menu.


Step2: Select Product Catalogs and then click Add New Product Catalog in the top right

Step3: Select Create a New Product Catalog.

Step4: Assign it a name and then click on Create Product Catalog.

Step5: Select your new product catalog and choose Add Product Feed. Choose a Feed Name and Currency below that you will see two more options under Upload Type:

Scheduled Recurring Uploads
Single Upload



Step6: Select the Single upload option and then click Next.



Step7: Upload a file with a .csv extension and then click Upload
Click here to get the Upload able .csv file.



By now you are aware about the Must Haves and How to Develop a Product Catalog, but here are some important Pointers to Remember:

  1. Remember to have a sequential update of Feed URL otherwise you may end up running ads of Out of Stock Product.
  2. In order to represent your inventory accurately, you should update your feed as often as your product inventory changes.
  3. Error may occur on creating a Product Feeds, which need to be fixed.
  4. While pricing your product Do Not use currency sign, it may result into an error. Make sure it’s in words like USD/EUR etc
  5. FaceBook only accept high quality image, with a suggested size of 600 x 600px.
  6. Development of the entire Product Catalog will boil down to nothing if you do not associate it with the Facebook Pixel.

Hmmm that’s just few Steps and few Points to Remember…Nothing much I guess..

Just Kidding I know it’s too much and by now you might be wondering that if I spend so much time on just developing a Product Catalog and always reminding myself to keep it Updated, when will I actually invest time on my Business?

For this I have an answer and the answer is My Magic Trick.

And that is….


Yup you heard it. Just a few steps of Sign Up and your Product Catalog are developed. Yes, it’s that easy…No more regular monitoring or updating is required. Don’t believe me go ahead and SignUp at app.adyogi.com and experience it yourself…


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