When JEWEL’S take a NEW direction

By | March 21, 2017

Client: Jewel Vista
Website: www.jewelvista.com
Industry: Accessories


What they got from Adyogi

What is Jewel Vista?

Jewel Vista is an online Jewellery provider with a wide collection of Rings, Earrings, Jewelry sets and many more. They believed in bringing innovative design with uncompromising quality. They started with a moto of “Best Among The Rest” and claimed that there designs were inspired by their customers.

They were confident about providing a great user experience both on the website and with the after sales service. Being so well connected with their customers but they still were not able to scale up. They had been stuck in a situation where everything they did was correct but the impact was not getting reflected.

After spending a good time online looking for what they can do. They were able to come up with retargeting, as a good option. Now the bigger question for them was how to do it? They tried doing it on FaceBook but soon realized that the only thing they were doing was spending too much time on it and not getting anything close to what they expected.

What they Wanted?

Jewel Vista was confident that re-targeting will help them. They just need to find an effective way of doing it. They started looking for something that required minimum efforts and time and can give them measurable results. After a good research and shortlisting they found Adyogi.

Easy Sign Up, a user friendly platform with transparent ads spends display plus with a reasonable platform cost, Adyogi was able to make its way.

Adyogi not only gave Jewel Vista what they wanted but also introduced them to a new world of Marketing Automation. Where displaying ads were no longer someone’s personal gut feeling but instead were backed with data.

 Secret behind numbers?

  • Dynamic Remarketing  Jewel Vista just knew and wanted to go for remarketing, so that they can leverage traffic on their website. But were not much aware of Dynamic Remarketing i.e. showing someone the same product he/she viewed on the website again over different Social Platform.With Adyogi they got introduced to dynamic remarketing, which showed them results.


  • Product Catalog  They got a free Product Catalog with Adyogi which not only helped them to create Ads. But also gave them a great inside about their Product category and Products, starting from Cart Ratio to Traffic. This helped them to identify their best-selling product.
  • Knowing your top viewed Products  Using the Smart Ads feature of AdYogi platform, they could show ads of best-selling products, on Facebook. They knew these ads were 100% data backed and will definitely show results. Soon they figured out these Smarts Ads were really Smart. When ever their was a new product on the website it would quickly pick it up and display Ads.
  • On the go Optimization  Through testing various age, location and audience targeting combinations, Adyogi identified the ones that worked best for them. Comparison on the basis of CPC and reallocation of budgets were taken care by adyogi.


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