Your Guide to a Kickass E-commerce Website!

By | April 18, 2017

Operating in the e-comm space or all set to launch your website into it with full enthusiasm? Then this is exactly what you need to be reading at this point of time. P.S. I know, it is very difficult to understand what your customers really want, and I  just want to assure you to not worry about it because  you have got my back.

So, here’s a sneak peak into all the things you cannot afford to mess up if you want some crazy returns from your website.

  • The look is the feel!
    What if you see some amazing images of a product that you never thought you actually need? Won’t you be tempted to click that Ad and view the product? The same goes for all the prospective buyers. Attractive and adequate images capturing  the product from all the angles will increase the likelihood of getting a sale. Also, don’t you click on the related products section while finding the right product? Now that you have this hint, add this feature right away.

  • Instagram feeds on Websites are a big no!
    Here’s the thing! You get all the paid traffic to your website after burning the midnight oil only to have it diverted to another platform such as Instagram? There is a high probability of losing prospective buyers in this transition. So are you sure you want to continue doing this?

  • COD is a must!                                                                                                                                                               Prefer paying by COD or paying it online? Figures and my experience says that 60% of the buyers pay via COD. Don’t have that facility on your website? Make the change to see the sales!

  • Simple and easy is the key!
    The visitors love it when they have to put in minimal efforts to get what they want. Unfair? Nah. It’s  time you use this to your advantage and get the ball rolling. Make sure you have the option through which they can sign in as a guest user or sign in using Facebook or Gmail. Take their commands and give them all that they want!

Now that I have walked you through all that you need to do, all this is worth giving a try, Isn’t it?

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