The Perfect e-Commerce Website

By | July 5, 2018

Does my website affect sales? Is there a ‘perfect’ e-commerce website? What does it look like? Yes, yes and Yes! Advertising can only drive traffic to your website, once the consumer is on your website or has added to cart it is the website’s responsibility to woo them into making a purchase.

Today we’ll share some valuable tips to improve your website flow. Follow these tips and see your Transaction Rate (Cart to Purchase Ratio) improve drastically!

  1. Landing Page: Provide all the necessary information such as product image, price, size chart, add to cart button, etc. on the very first-page view. Don’t make them work to find it. Next, display some related/recommended products on the second-page view, if they scroll down, it means they’re looking for more or for something better- give it to them in the form of related products! This leads to higher engagement and a lower bounce rate.
    • Posh Affair intelligently picks related products and has a bounce rate of 20% and 2.6 product views/session!  This helps them achieve better returns.
  2. Checkout: Make sure the checkout process is short & sweet. Minimize the number of clicks (the seemingly simple action of a button click may tire your prospective customers). A one-page checkout process is highly recommended. Do not add any additional charges at this stage. They came prepared to make a purchase but you turned them away with additional COD, Shipping, etc.
    • Rigo offers free shipping above orders of ₹500, this allows them to compete with marketplaces and they have a conversion rate of 4%, one of the highest among our clients!
    • Meddey does not have any extra charges after the Add to cart stage and has a conversion rate of 2.8%
  3. Homepage: Even though online advertising campaigns bring your customers to the landing page your homepage is just as important. Users are going to judge your entire website based on what the homepage looks like. Make it attractive- highlight any offers, display your top selling items, avoid showing out of stock products. Display the categories in an organised manner!
    • Bunaai’s categorization of products is really good and easy to follow!
  4. Mobile View: Most people these days own smartphones and thanks to ridiculously low data prices, access the internet through their phones. You can show display a lot less information to the users on the first page in the mobile view so they have to scroll a lot more make it worth their while. Make the mobile view user-friendly and intuitive. Ensure that all the CTA buttons are clearly visible. Having fixed/static/sticky add to cart or buy buttons can make a big difference!
    • Brutecart introduced fixed buttons to their mobile website and the ROI increased by 4x!

We’re always updating this list based on our experiences so stay tuned!